Greekpack – Greek Subscription Box – August Edition Review + Discount Code

GreekPack is a brand new food subscription box that delivers  6 – 8 traditional Greek products straight to your door, every pack is unique and changes every month. . The August edition is their second box.

Subscription Box: GreekPack
Cost: $19.99 / month including shipping
Ships to: Worldwide
What you get: 6-8 Carefully Selected Greek Products Shipped by the 20th of the month
Promo Code: Use the code HAPPYMAIL to get 10% off your subscription. That will bring the total monthly cost to $17

September Sneak Peak : The Greekpack Theme for September is Greek Coffee you can check out their website HERE to find out more. I’m liking this theme and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it :)

Tsakiris Chips

Mytilene Sea Salt flavour. I got this same flavour in my last box. I don’t mind though they are really good chips. I tried them side by side with Regular Lay’s Potato Chips and the Tsakiris Chips were much better, less oily and in my opinion much tastier!

Miranda Biscuits
Miranda Biscuits

These were my favourite item in this month’s box. the Miranda cookies taste kind of like a shortcake cookie that we usually dip into our tea. If I could I’d get more of these.

Peach Bar
Peach Fruit Bar
This bar is a compressed fruit  bar, with peach, fig, almond and honey. Only 4 ingredients which is great! it tastes more of fig than peach my son enjoyed it.

Olympus Tea
Olympus Tea
Greek Mountain tea is traditionally used to help in digestion, strengthen the immune system supress the common cold, flu and other viruses, allergies and shortness of breath. Wow so many great things in this tea. I had to read the information card for this one because I had no idea what it was when I first saw it. the tea had a very delicate floral/plant taste I added honey and la tiny bit of lemon to mine and I liked it. It was definitely not something I would have ever tasted if it weren’t for this box.

Peanut Pasteli
Peanut Pasteli
This is pretty much the same as peanut brittle. It was okay not my favourite item this month. I much preferred the sesame pasteli that we received last month.

Tsoureki (Easter Bread)
Easter Bread
This Easter Bread tasted alot like the Panetone bread they have out at easter and christmas. It had a vanilla taste but I couldn’t eat it by itself it was just too much bread for me and it’s not soft. I ended up buttering it and  toasting it up in a frying pan and having it with a little jam and that was delicious. If you’ve never had toast made in a frying pan you really are missing out it’s so good!

Charleston Candy

charleston candyThese had such a fancy name they were rose flavoured gummy candy. If you’ve ever had turkish delight these were almost exactly like that. I love turkish delight but I didn’t like the rose flavour on these. I’m not sure if these come in different flavours or not but if they do it would have been nice to get a couple of different ones to try.

Final Thoughts: This month’s GreekPack was good. There was a good mix of items and I always find it interesting to try out products from different countries even if I don’t always like them. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s in the September Edition box with the Greek Coffee Theme. If you are interested in this box you can use the code HAPPYMAIL for 10% off. Click HERE to visit the GreekPack Website.

What do you think of GreekPack? Have you tried any other international subscription boxes?

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  1. MellyR

    I love the idea that you can subscribe to a company and get all these unique Greek food and beverage products to sample. I am not sure all would be my favorite but its absolutely an exciting thing to not only think out of the box but to taste outside of the box as well. lol

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