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Greekpack – New Subscription Box – July Edition Review + Discount Code

GreekPack is a brand new subscription box that delivers  6 – 8 Greek products straight to your door.

Subscription Box: GreekPack
Cost: $14.99
Shipping: $5
Ships to: Worldwide
What you get: 6-8 Carefully Selected Greek Products Shipped by the 20th of the month
Promo Code: Use the code HAPPYMAIL to get 10% off your subscription. That will bring the total monthly cost to $17


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Disclosure: This box was received complimentary for review. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


Greek Pack Packaging

Greece is one of the countries that I’ve always wanted to visit, so I was very excited when my Greekpack arrived. It came all the way from Greece with real stamps! my husband collects stamps and it’s very rare these days to receive a package with stamps on it I really loved it.


GREEKPACKBOX2 My box got a little squashed up during shipping but the contents were thankfully perfectly intact. The box shipped June 12 and arrived June 23 for international package that’s pretty fast. I’ve had packages come from the states that have taken way longer than that !

GreekPack Information Card

InfoCardGreekpack came with a printed sheet detailing all the items in the subscription box and describing a little bit about each item. Some of the packaging doesn’t have any English on it so this card was very useful.

Greek Forest Honey

Greek Forest HoneyGreece is famous for their honey so I was happy to receive a good size sample of it. The expiry Date: on the honey was 07/17. It was really delicious.

Mikio Breadsticks –  Graveria and Feta Cheese Flavour

BreadSticksThese mini breadsticks were graveria and feta cheese flavoured. They were very crunchy and the cheese flavour was very mild. I like crunchy breadsticks and I enjoyed these. The  expiry date on the breadsticks was: 28/04/16

Mastiha – Natural Chewing Gum

GumThis gum tastes pine trees! It’s definitely different than anything I’ve ever tasted before and although it wasn’t my favourite I’m really glad that I got to try something so different. My husband actually liked this but he said that the flavour didn’t last very long.

Chalvas – Sesame Halva with Cocoa

HalvaThis one had an almost powdery texture another item totally new to me. it tasted good once I got used to the crumbly powdery texture.  The halva expiry date was 01/03/2017

Chalvadopita – Nougat pie with roasted peanuts

nougat pieI love nougat and this was really yummy nougat sandwiched between two thin layers of wafer. This item is apparently really popular in Greece and I can definitely see why, it’s really delicous I think I need more of this! Usually made with almonds mine only had peanuts in it I’d like to try the almond version though because I love all things almond. The expiry on the nougat  pie was 10/11/2015

Pasteli – Sesame Seed Snack

Sesame SnackThis is a sweet made with sesame seeds and honey or sugar,  I grew up eating a version of this so I knew I’d like it. This version is a bit thicker and less sweet than the one I’ve had and I think I liked it more because of that. If you haven’t had this before it’s kind of like peanut brittle but with sesame seeds. My son and husband also really enjoyed this snack. The Pasteli Expiry Date was 01/12/2016

TsaKiris Chips – Mytilene Sea Salt flavour

Tsakiris ChipsThese chips  were delicious, I got these in sea salt flavour and thoroughly enjoyed them. The chips themselves were not oily and had a nice sea salt flavour. I’d definitely buy these if I ever see them again. The Chips Expiry date was 26/06/15

I’m very impressed with GreekPack and I’m so glad I got to try all these new and authentic greek snacks. They are having a summer sale right now and with my promo code the box is just $17 which is a very reasonable price for what you get. All of the products had expiry dates well in the future which is something I look for in snack boxes. I’m definitely considering getting the August edition for myself. If you are interested you can sign up by July 14th to get the August edition Click HERE to visit the GreekPack website.

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