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GlobeIn Artisan Subscription Box Review May 2015 – Bake Theme + Promo Code

The GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription box featuring GlobeIns’ favorite fair trade products from global artisans. Each box is curated around a monthly theme selected by the editor with the aim of helping you experience new and interesting products and cultures.

Box: GlobeIn Artisan Box
Cost:$35/month charged monthly. $33/month charged every 3 months, $30/month charged every 6 months
Shipping:Free shipping to US, $12 to Canada, and $15 to the rest of the world
What you get: A curated box including 5+ items created around the monthly theme.

Promo: use the code WELCOME to get 25% ($8.75) off your first box on a 3 month subscription

In addition to their subscription boxes GlobeIn also has a full online store full of fair trade artisan made goodies. They have some really beautiful unique items in the store I especially love the Home Decor section.

GlobeIn Bake

GlobeIn Bake Artisan Box

This months Theme was Bake I saw a few spoilers for this box so I did know a few things that were coming but I was looking forward to see what the rest of the box held. I don’t know about you but I can never resist spoilers! Hard as I try I just can’t do it, but it really doesn’t ruin the unboxing experience for me I still have the same excitement level even when I know what’s in the box.

Every GlobeIn Artisan Subscription Box comes with a info. card detailing all the items and their origins. I quite enjoy this part of the box and I like learning and reading the artisans stories. It makes a difference for me being able to see the actual people that make the goods.

GlobeIn Subscription Box

GlobeIn Artisan Box Info. Card – Bake Box

Toockies – 2 multipurpose scrub cloths


Toockies Scrub Cloths – India

I suppose that part of Baking is cleaning up though I truly hate that part. These Toockies are handmade in India and are made from 100% Organic Cotton Jute. I haven’t used these yet because it says wash before use and I keep forgetting to throw in the laundry :( . On the back of the package the person who made the cloths has signed it and if you go to the Toockies website you can see their picture and a little bit about why they work. My Toockies were made by Afreja Khatun and her wish is to show that she can do something by herself. They also have a little video on the site about how Toockies came about and how it helps the women which was quite enlightening.

Palm Leaf Basket – Mexico

Subscription box

Palm Leaf Basket

Every GlobeIn Artisan Box comes packed in these cute Palm Leaf Baskets. The one I got this month is slightly larger and has a different pattern than my last months box. I tried to put some wrapped sesame snacks in the basket and it worked really well for about 5 minutes, but whenever my almost 2 year old son sees these baskets he insists on emptying these baskets and wearing them as hats, the cover is the small hat and the basket is the big hat, it’s really funny. When he saw the basket in the bake box he said Mama a new hat! That’s what my baskets are being used for at the moment, what does everyone else use theirs for?

Kelapo Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Kelapo Coconut Oil

The box had 3 packets of coconut oil. Coconut oil has so many uses I have a container in almost every room of my home.  I use it on toast instead of butter, use it as a moisturizer, I have even seen people clean with it.  I like these little packets they’ll definitely get used.

Big Dipper Candles

Big Dipper Candles

Big Dipper Wax Works Candles

These candles are made from 100% Beeswax and they are made in Canada. I think my son bent 4 or 5 candles while i was taking pictures of the rest of the items and I thought they were ruined, regular wax candles would have snapped in two, but I was able to straighten these up and they look almost perfect and are still useable.  The little things that I find myself appreciating :)

Alter Eco – Organic Mascobado Cane Sugar

Cane Sugar

Alter Eco – Cane Sugar

I’ve received a couple of things from this company through subscription boxes and they’ve always been good. I haven’t opened the sugar yet but I’m sure that it’ll be delicious. The sugar is pure and unrefined, come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever tried unrefined sugar, the consistency looks a bit different than regular sugar it’s like soft powdery fine sand instead of granular.

Better World Brownies

Brownie Mix

Better World Brownie Mix

It wouldn’t be a ‘Bake’ themed box without something to actually bake! These brownies are from Peru and for every bag sold 25 cents goes to a charity called ‘ON THE GROUND’ supporting sustainable  community development in fair trade farming regions across the world. Looks like brownies are on the menu for dessert this father’s day :)


Overall I really enjoyed this box. I feel that the box is always well curated and I really do enjoy all the detail they put into informing us about the artisans themselves.

Have you tried GlobeIn yet? What did you think of this months box?

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