Wantable Accessories May 2015

Wantable Accessories Subscription Box Review – May 2015

Wantable  is a Subscription Box Service that offers 5 types of boxes. Accessories, Intimates, Makeup and Fitness and Style Edits. The Accessories, Intimates, Makeup boxes costs $40 for the first box and $36 each month thereafter. The Fitness and the newly created Style Edits works a little differently it’s only available to US customers and you pay a $20 styling fee and are then sent 5 items. You have 5 days to choose what items you like and return the ones you don’t. You’ll then get billed for the ones you keep.

Box: Wantable Accessories Subscription Box
Cost: $36/month or or $40 one-time purchase.
Shipping: United States (Free), Canada ($6), United Kingdom ($7) & Australia ($10)
What you get: 4 Accessories based on your personal style profile (sunglasses, watches, jewellery, scarves, etc)


Whenever I tell people about Wantable the first thing I tell them is use the comments and you’ll most definitely get something you like. I used the comments this time but was very general in that I told them that my style was classic with a bit of glam but nothing over the top. The box I received and the items that were picked matched what I wrote pretty perfectly.

 Marlow Necklace Silver $24

Marlow Necklace

Marlow Necklace

Every piece comes with a little write up and style tip on the Wantable product sheet I’ve included the write up and tip for you to give you an idea of what you’ll see.

Description: The Marlow necklace is a beautiful stone necklace.
Style Tip: Wear with a flowy bright dress.

I really like this necklace it’s glam but not over the top and it could go with so many different outfits.


Karlee Necklace Silver $26

Karlee Necklace

Karlee Necklace

Description: The Karlee necklace is a beautiful silver stone necklace.
Style Tip: Wear with a bright top.

This necklace is really beautiful the picture doesn’t really do it justice. This piece could easily dress up any summer outfit.


Rennae Necklace Silver $14

Rennae Necklace

Rennae Necklace

Description: The Rennae necklace is a delicate wishbone necklace.
Style Tip: Make this your new everyday necklace. Wear with your daily outfit.
I love the simplicity of this wishbone necklace, it’s a classic piece that I will get a lot of use out of this summer.


Bridget Scarf Blue $22


Bridget Scarf Blue

Bridget Scarf Blue

Description: The Bridget scarf is a plaid print infinity scarf.
Style Tip: Wear with denim shorts and a white tee

This infinity scarf is very lightweight which is great for warmer weather and I think the plaid pattern makes it a scarf that could be used in all four seasons.

The value of the box was $86 which is great. I liked all the items in my May 2015 Wantable Accessories Box. I do wish that it had more variety though. I think 3 necklaces all in silver are too many for a 4 item box. I had sunglasses and rings also as likes/loves and I would have liked to seen at least one of those in the box as well. Next box I’m going to write in the comments that I’d like to see a maximum of 2 items from any 1 category.

I really do appreciate the little style tips they throw in there they are quite helpful to a style challenged person like myself.

Do you subscribe to Wantable? What did you get this month? If you’d like to learn more about Wantable you can click HERE

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