Ecocentric Mom – Mystery Bonus Box – Spring 2015 – Mom/Woman Box- Review

EcoCentric Mom is a subscription box that is shipped every-other-month. Ecocentric Mom delivers healthy, natural, organic products exclusively curated for moms, pregnancy, and babies. Each box is packed with natural and eco-friendly goodies from businesses that care for the planet and our health. You can choose between the mom/woman, pregnancy, or new mom & baby box.

Box: Ecocentric Mom – Mom / Woman Box
Cost: $40 Mystery Bonus Box
Shipping: Free Shipping to US and a $15 surcharge to Canada
What you get: at least 15 products with a value of at least $80

Regular Ecocentric Mom Subscription Details are at the end of the post

The Mystery Box cost $40 and promised 15 or more products worth at least $80. Even with shipping to Canada at $15 I knew this would still be a good deal. There were 3 boxes to choose from Mom Box , Mom and Baby Box and the Mom-to-Be Box. This is my second time getting a mystery box and this time i chose the Mom/Woman Box. Any woman (not necessarily a mom) that loves healthy living and is interested in finding new products would absolutely love this box.

This box was super heavy and bulging a bit when it came. I’m always impressed by how much stuff they are able to pack in the mystery boxes.

Vance Family Candles – Soy Candle – Home for the Holidays Scent – $18.00

Vance Family Candles

Vance Family Candles – Soy Candle- Home for the Holidays Scent

This candle is heavy and great quality the scent is not too strong at all which I appreciate because overly scented candles bring on my migraines. I’ll be able to use this one comfortably. I also love that the candles are sustainable made in the US and use no synthetic fragrances and they are affordably priced.


Organic India – Tulsi-Holy Basil – Herbal Dietary Supplement
Comfrey Cream – Healing Salve – $6.99

Supplements and Healing Salve

Tulsi Holy Basil Supplements and Comfrey Cream Healing Salve

Holy Basil – I’d never heard of Holy Basil (Tulsi) before but a quick Google search has me intrigued. It seems to have amazing health and anti-aging benefits. I wish the sample was bigger because I double I’ll be able to see a difference after one use. It did introduce me to a new product and one that I think I might use.
Comfrey Cream – With a toddler in the house cuts and scrapes are inevitable and I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to try this comfrey cream soon. the texture is very different than I expected, it’s a bit grainy i think from the flowers in the salve.

BioTerraHerbs – Z-Z-Z Sleep – 10 Vegetarian Capsules – $3.00
BioRay – Before the Flow Daily Dietary Supplement – $58.00

Sleep ZZZ and Before the Flow Supplement

Sleep ZZZ and Before the Flow Supplement

z-Z-Z Sleep – I don’t usually have trouble getting to sleep but my husband frequently does, I’ll pass this on to him and hopefully it helps him.
Before the Flow – Recently I’ve noticed an increase in my PMS symptoms I don’t know what the cause is, but I am very happy to get this product to try it out. The reviews online for this are excellent and it seems to help many women. This product alone covers the cost of my entire box, and it is something that i’ll definitely repurchase if it works as claimed.


MIG Soap – Lemongrass and Spearmint Soap
PuraProducts – Botanic Bath Infusion – Moments in Mint Bath Salts$10
Salon Solids Conditioner – $3

Salts Soap Conditioner

Bath Salts – Soap – Salon Solids Conditioner

MIG Soap- The soap sample smells so good, I wish it was a little bigger.
Bath Salts – I haven’t taken a bath since before my son was born but I do believe I’m long overdue for one and these bath salts have provided me with the perfect excuse.
Salon Solids – The salon solids conditioner is something new and unique. Basically the bottle comes with little granules and you add water shake and the conditioner is made. It’s all natural too I’m so interested to try this out

The Organic Face – EyeShadow Quad$20
Makeup Remover (No1) -$4.00

Eyeshadow Quad

Organic Face Quad and Makeup Remover

The organic face – I received this exact quad in my last box and it looks like this is the old packaging but I’ll be gifting this to someone I know will use it.
Makeup Remover – The makeup remover is all natural and is a generous sample size.

Aromaflage $3.75
Pure Pro C Duo – Silk Hydrating Serum 0.1 oz 3mL – $6

Pure Pro C – Silk Smoothing Gel 0.08 fl. oz 2.5mL – $7
Pink Mahoghany – Sunrise Scent


Pure Pro and Scents

AromaFlage / Pure Pro / Pink Mahogany Scent

Aromaflage is a botanical fragrance that doubles as insect repellent, free of deet, chemicals and parabens. How awesome is this ! I get one mosquito bite and the whole area swells up 100x  I hope this works!
Pure Pro C – I got the pure pro C samples in my last box and I enjoyed them and am happy to get some more, the ingredient list is minimal which is always nice.
The Pink Mahogany sample is small but the bottle was so hard to open that when I did get it almost all of the sample spilled out :( It smelled nice though

Flavrz – Tropical Peach flavour drink mix $1
Flavrz – Sport / Superfruit I $
EcoTrek – Whole Food Bar $2
EcoDitty Sandwich Bag – $14



Flavrz Tropical Peach / Superfruit Sport / EcoDitty Sandwich Bag / Whole Food Bar

Flavrz- I used to have tonnes and tonnes of water flavour packets in my cupboard I think I liked the idea of flavoured water more than the taste because I always found there was a strange aftertaste to the water. The Flavrz are all natural so I’m hoping that means no aftertaste, I’m going to try them out this weekend.

EcoTrek Whole Food Bar – This bar was delicious! It was dark chocolate raspberry flavour and I want to pick up some more of these to stash in my snack bag.
Eco-Ditty Sandwich Bag – I received another EcoDitty Sandwich bag in my previous box in a different pattern and I use it all the time. I’m thrilled to get another one. I like that they are re-useable and I don’t have to add more plastic to the landfills.

Bakery On Main – Apple Pie Oatmeal $1
Heaven Tea Company – Peace Calming Blend Tea $18
Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Nacho Flavour $1


Bakery On Main OatMeal / Calm Tea / Beanfields Nacho Chips

Bakery on Main – Apple Pie Oatmeal – Oatmeal and I have a love hate relationship. Some oatmeals I can eat anytime and some brands/flavours just the smell alone turns my stomach. I’ll try this in the morning and see which category it falls into. I do love the packaging on it if that means anything.
Heaven Tea Company Peace Calming Blend Tea-  I love tea and this one is said to calm your nerves and promote peace, which parent in the world doesn’t need that ! It’s a huge bottle and will definitely last a long time.
Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips in Nacho Flavour –  I received these in another box of mine and I loved them. I have yet to find them in Toronto so I’m happy to get these. G likes the chips too and while I wouldn’t give him the whole bag I think a few of these are a better option than other nacho chips on the market right now.

7th Heaven Miracle Mud Mask – $3
Slice Life Omega 3 Adult Gummy Vitamin Sample

Mask Vitamins

Miracle Mud Mask / Gummy Vitamins

Since receiving a mud mask in my January box I have a new found love of face masks. I’ll definitely use this one and I’m happy to get another sample from 7th heaven.
Slice Life Omega 3 Gummy vitamin – I’m not a fan of gummy vitamins in general but I’ll give these a go it’s a one serving sample.


The value of this box was ahhhmazing I got 22 items with a value of over $170!. Very much worth the cost and the great thing is that they are all Eco-friendly and natural.

If you are Interested in Ecocentric Mom They have a some mystery boxes still available. The regular subscription ships out every other month costing $24 each box has 5-9 items in it and promises a Retail value of $24-$50+ per box. I actually really like that the box is every other month, I kind of wish more boxes did this it gives you more time to use the items in your box before you get more stuff!  If you are in the US it’s Free Shipping, and there is a $15 shipping charge to Canada. If the exchange rate was better I’d definitely get a subscription but for now I’ll stick to the mystery boxes  I’ve honestly been wowed by both of the boxes I’ve received. You can see my past EcoCentric Mom Reviews HERE. You can learn more about EcoCentric Mom HERE


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