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My Baking Box – New Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – French Macaron Theme

My Baking Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers all the recipes, ingredients (excluding perishables) and bakeware that you’ll need to make baking as easy as pie. Every month you will receive one recipe, along with all the ingredients (excluding perishables) you need to fulfill that recipe. You will also receive all the bakeware that you need for that month’s recipe (measuring cups, cake pans, piping bags, etc.).

Box: My Baking Box
Cost:$39/month charged monthly. $37.05/month charged every 3 months, $35/month charged every 6 months
Shipping: Free shipping to US, $25 Internationally
What you get: A box equipped with everything you need, bakeware, ingredients (excluding perishables) and the recipe for the chosen goodie of the month.
Promo: use the code FRIEND to get $5 off your first box.

My Baking Box Welcome

My Baking Box Welcome

I found My Baking Box on Instagram and once I found out the theme was Macarons I knew this box would be something I liked.  Macarons are something I’ve always wanted to make and I’ve never taken the time to do it. If you’ve never tasted a macaron before get some asap, they are delicious and addictive.

My One pet peeve is that My Baking Box posted a sneak peak about the contents of the box and the item was a rotary sifter but I received a plastic mesh strainer instead. If you are posting sneak peaks please make sure that the item is in every box otherwise it just causes disappointment.

April’s My Baking Box recipe was for French Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate Ganache. We received the contents of the box and the perishable items we would need to buy for this recipe on this bright pink  card paper, and the recipe printed on the back. I appreciate that both sides of the card were used. For this particular recipe all I need to get are eggs, heavy cream and unsalted butter. Everything else is in the box, which is something I love about this box.

What's in the Box

What’s in the box – My Baking Box

I’ve tried to price out the items for you. I’m using the retail prices from I was able to find most of the items on there. All the prices are in USD since that’s the currency I paid for the box in.

Culina Mesh Strainer 7in  – $6.70
Cooking concepts Measuring Cup and Spoon Set 8 pieces$9.25

Measuring Cups and Strainer

Culina Mesh Strainer & Measuring Cup and Spoon Set

I received this mesh strainer instead of the Norpro Flour Sifter  there isn’t much of a price difference on the items themselves and the strainer is a good size. Measuring spoons and cups always go missing in my house, I just don’t know what happens to them, so I’m really happy to receive a full set in this box.

N.Y. Cake Macaron Baking Mat$6.25
Disposable Piping Bags (3) $0.40


Macaron Baking Mat & 3 Disposable Piping Bags

The Macaron Baking Mat has 10 spaces each 2 inches in diameter which means we could make 5 macarons at a time using this mat. I will probably need to draw some circles on parchment to make more at once because 5 macarons will last about 5 seconds around here!. The Disposable Piping bags will definitely be required for piping out the macarons.

Domino Sugar Granulated 1lb box $4.75
Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal – $13.50
Domino Sugar 10 x Confectioners Sugar 1 lb box – $4.32

Domino Sugar Almond Meal

Domino Sugar and Almond Meal

I’ve never seen Domino Brand sugar in Canada so this is new for me. Bob’s Red Mill Products are really good quality and expensive, this size of almond meal is around 17 or 18 dollars here. I’m glad to see the baking ingredients are high quality.

Ghirardelli Premium Baking Bar 60% Cacao 4oz bar – $3.33
McCormick Cream Of TarTar – 1.5 oz – $3.17
Baking Cocoa Unsweetened – 8oz approx $6.00

Baking Ingredients

Baking chocolate, Cocoa, Cream of Tartar


The Ghirardelli Premium Baking Bar will be most likely be used for the Ganache filling of the Macarons. The McCormick Cream of Tartar is a fairly big bottle and will last a long time considering only a small amount of cream of tartar is used in recipes. I couldn’t find this exact brand of baking Cocoa so the price is approximate, it does say fair trade certified on the label which I like.

The Overall value of the My Baking Box came to $57.67 I paid $25 since I pre-ordered the first box. even at the full price of $39 the value is there. I’m pretty pleased with the first box and I’m sure future boxes will only get better. You can use the promo code FRIEND to get $5 off your first box. I haven’t seen any spoilers on the theme for May’s box yet and if the international shipping price comes down (the website FAQ says they are working on free international shipping). I will definitely get another box.

What do you think of the First My Baking Box?

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