FOTMC March 2015

Fandom of the Month Club – March 2015 Review – Dr. Who Theme

Fandom of the Month Club is a subscription jewelry club. For $13 a month, you will receive a shipment of fandom inspired jewelry with a surprise theme.  Each shipment has a value of over $30.

Box: Fandom of the Month Club
Cost: $13/month
Shipping: United States ($2), Canada ($6.75) International (Check site for details)
What you get: a box of 3-4 pieces of fandom inspired jewelry

This is another box I found through Instagram, I saw some pics of last months divergent theme and I thought it was a very cool idea. This month’s theme was Dr. Who.and we received 3 pieces of jewelry.

Fandom of the month club

March 2015 Fandom Of The Month Club

I don’t know why I never got into Dr. Who, because it really seems like a show that I would really enjoy. It’s a BBC show and some of my favourite shows of all time are BBC shows. Merlin, IT Crowd, The Indian Doctor and the Great British Bakeoff are just a few that come to mind. Anyway my not watching the show didn’t really deter me from liking this months jewelry.



We are all stories in the End Bracelet

This bracelet is my favourite piece in the bag. I adjusted the opening so that it fit my tiny wrist. It says ‘We are all stories in the end’ on it.




Dalek Ring

I had to google what this was and I think it’s a Dalek? If I’m wrong please leave a comment and let me know ! It’s an adjustable ring which I like because I have child size hands and regular sized rings and bangles never fit me.




Tardis Necklace

The last piece we received was a TARDIS necklace. It’s got a cute green gem on the top and it’s really quite heavy. This was my second favourite piece.

Oh and all the pieces came in a red box packed in a nice hand screen printed stash bag. The bag is super cute and is perfect to hold all the pieces we received. The Stash bags are done by S and S ink and you can find them here.

Stash Bag

Stash Bag – Dr. Who

I’m really impressed with Fandom of the Month club. For the amount you pay a month the quality of the items is fantastic. From the member card to the stash bag to the jewelry pieces themselves, everything is very well put together. Next month’s theme is Harry Potter and I’m looking forward to it ! You can check out Fandom of the Month Club HERE.


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