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MunchBetter Snack Box Review – March 2015

Munch Better is a Canadian Snack Box Subscription. Most of the snacks that are in the box are from Canadian companies too!

Box: Munch Better
Cost: $28/ monthly, $79 / every 3 months , $149 / every 6 months + Tax
Shipping: included (Canada Only)
What you get: 5-8 snacks from a variety of natural food companies across the country

Munch Better ships out on the 15th of every month. The March box had 7 items in it.

Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips Chili Lime Flavour


Ocean’s Halo The Seaweed Chip Chili Lime

I’ve seen these in the store but have never tried them. These Seaweed chips are crunchy and have a good flavour they also have 6g of protein per serving.  I received Chili Lime in my box but they also come in Sea Salt, Korean BBQ, Hot & Spicy, and Texas BBQ. I’d like to try the Sea Salt and the Hot & Spicy flavours. I’m glad I got to try these out, I would have never picked them up in the store. Ocean’s Halo also donates 2% of their profits to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Children’s Education Fund. Got to love companies that give back! 

Buckshots Dill Pickle Flavour


Dill Pickle Buckshots – Buckwheat Snack

These are Roasted Buckwheat groats if you dont know what those are, they are little tiny crunchy yummies, reminds me of Roasted Chickpeas. This was one of my favorite items this month.  I have been looking online for where to buy more of these but I’m having trouble finding them. If anyone knows where I can get them please share in the comments. I like the little pouch size too, its perfect to throw in our lunch bags for a snack.

Buff buffalo meat stick


Buff Meat Stick

I have never in my life eaten a meat stick before so I have nothing to compare this to. This tasted spicy and not bad at all. All Buff no Fluff Is their tagline.

Ener-C in Lemon – Lime Flavour


Ener-C Lemon Lime

Whenever I feel a cold coming on I drink a glass or two of this during the day to give me an extra boost. it’s an effervescent drink so if you haven’t had one before the fizzyness might surprise you. I love Lemon Lime Flavour in anything.

Sha Sha Pineapple and Cocoa bites

Buckwheat Snack

Buckwheat Snack Pineapple & Cocoa


another snack with Buckwheat groats in it. This one has Pineapple and raw Cocoa nibs in it. It was my favourite item in this months box. They also come in Blueberry &Apple , Cocoa & Vanilla, and Ginger & Cinnamon I found them online at for $4.97. I already bought another Pineapple & Cocoa, Blueberry & Apple and Cocoa & Vanilla. Yep I like this one a lot, baby G liked them too.

Fig Brownie


Fig Brownies

There are just two ingredients in this 60% Banana and 40% Fig.  Compressing the fruit 100 million times and some magic happens. I was worried that these would have a very strong Banana taste because I strongly dislike Banana,  but it didn’t it’s good I would eat them again. It comes in 4 other flavours besides the Fig.  Banana, Guava, Pineapple, and Banana with Flax and Oats. The Pineapple one is calling my name. I love the super short ingredient list too.

Tutti Gourmet Bana Crackers – Cafe Flavour


Bana Krisp – Café

I have heard such good things about these. I wanted to love them and I would have, except they taste like Banana which I really don’t like. Everyone else really liked them though. They have a really good crunch and come in 3 additional flavours besides Café. Fruits, Pistachio &Anise, Almond &Cacao. If you like Banana, as most people do you will enjoy these.

I think if Munch Better had 8 items in every box the value would be better. This months box had a few full size products and all the snacks were really delicious. This box has introduced me to a number of new snacks which I think is the whole point of a snack subscription.  Many of the items I’ve gotten have no sugar or extra ingredients so I can feel good about giving them to my Toddler. Buckwheat groats are my new favourite thing! It would be great if Munch Better offered the snacks in the box for sale on their site or links to where we can get more.Thanks Munch Better see you in April.

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