Little Life Box Review & Promo Code – March 2015

Little Life Box is a Canadian Healthy Lifestyle Subscription Box that includes a variety of different healthy food and products each month. They have two box options to choose from the Original Box and the Vegan Box. My review is for the original box.

Box: Little Life Box
Cost: $19.99 Monthly / 3 months $54.96 / 6 months $107.94 / 12 months / 214.80 you can also do a 1 month trial/gift for $22.95
Shipping: Ships to Canada Only $3.95
What you get: a variety or healthy products, snacks, food, skin care, vitamin supplements, etc.
Promo Code: You can use the promo code HappyMail to get 10% off of your monthly subscription. It’s a great way to try out Little Life Box and see if you like it as much as I do.

This is my second Little Life Box and it has quickly become one of my favourite subscriptions! I love that you get a little bit of everything,  A few snacks, some health items, beauty items and more. Little Life box promises that you will never receive the same sample twice from them. It means that the box contents vary and everyone could get a different box. Search for #littlelifebox on instagram and you’ll see many variations of the monthly box.

Another thing I appreciate about the Little Life Box is their packaging. The boxes are always neatly packed and have the cutest tissue paper and postcard each month. I feel like my box from them is packed with love each month :). I received 13 items in this months box.

Abio Organic Bath Bombs – Rose Aroma


Abio Bath Bomb Rose Aroma

This Organic Bath Bomb is handmade in Quebec. It’s made with Shea Butter and the essential oils used for the aroma are organic. I saw different boxes had some different Aromas mine came in Rose. Smells lovely, now all I need is some time to take a bath!

Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips – Nacho Flavour


BeanFields Bean & Rice Chips Nacho

These chips are yummy. They come in a bunch of different flavours and have 4g of Fiber and 4g of Protein per serving. That’s much more than regular chips. I’ll be keeping my eyes out in the grocery store for these. They’ll definitely be a staple in our cupboards from now on.

Beauty Essentials – Daily Supplement for Skin, Hair and Nails

Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials Supplement

These are supposed to help strengthen hair and nails, help in formation of connective tissue (collagen) and help to prevent inflammatory skin problems like acne and eczema. It all sounds like things I need. I’ll be giving this a try, it’s made by A.Vogel and they usually have great products.

Coconut Organics – CocoBacon


CocoBacon Coconut Bacon Original

Another yummy snack, I’ve been eating them just out of the bag. I can see sprinkling these on a salad for a good crunch. Other serving ideas from CocoBacon include sprinkling on soups, sandwiches, baked or mashed potatoes, pizza or desserts. so many options ! My toddler likes these as well.

Herbion Naturals – Cough Syrup for Children

Cough Syrup

Cough Syrup for Children

This is for Children ages 6+ I like that it’s alcohol free and non drowsy. It’s made to relieve cough, and chest congestion, sore throat and also for improving children’s breathing.

Made Good Chocolate Chip Organic Granola Bar & mrs Crimble’s Larg Choc Macaroon


Made Good Granola Bar & mrs Crimbles Choc Macaroon

I haven’t gotten to try the granola bar yet but it feels nice and soft. The Macaroon was really good though. Years ago when I worked at IBM the coffee shop in the building used to have macaroons just likes these and I used to get one a week, I had forgotten how much I like them.

Neolia Hydra-AgeRelief Soap for Mature Skin.


Neolia Hydra Age Relief Soap

I got a soap from this brand last month and I’m currently using and loving it. I’m glad to get another sample from this company. I’ll try this one out once the bar I’m using right now is finished.

A Vogel .Herbamare Salt Substitute

Salt Replacement

Herbamare – Salt Substitute

I know so many people that need to be on a low sodium diet. I’ve seen this in stores and have always wondered how it tastes but have never wanted to buy a big bottle in case I didn’t like it. I’ll be trying this out on eggs this week.

Orange Naturals Adult Multi Vitamin


Orange Naturals Adult Multi Vitamin

This bottle of Vitamins came with a letter from Orange Naturals and a little publication from them called Naturopathic Notes. I can always use extra vitamins so these will definitely get used.

Me Makeup Remover and Toner & Mud Pac Deep Pore Mask


Makeup Remover & Mud Pac Deep Pore Mask

These are nice one use samples. I’m interested to see how the makeup remover / toner works .

Lalma Herbal Tea Sample Pack


Lalma Tea Sample Pack

Lalma Tea sent 4 herbal tea samples 1. Easy lax 2. javaslim-t 3. detox 4. nightly. I want to try the nightly the most to see if it helps with sounder sleep. Not sure I’ll be able to see a difference after one cup though.

Overall I loved my box! Before Little Life Box I would have never bought Gluten Free / Vegan anything I always thought they must be tasteless and yuck! Shame on me because most of all the samples I’ve tried so far are really good. So Thank you Little Life Box for sharing great tasting samples that are healthy alternatives to what’s out there right now. At $19.99 a month it’s also a very reasonable priced box. I subscribed for three months but I think I’ll definitely be renewing.

Do you get Little Life Box? What did you get this month?

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