RawSpiceBar – January 2015 Dish Review & Results

Raw spice bar is a new subscription that sends you small batch spices every month.
They also send you recipe cards along with the spices, each blend provided is enough for a dish serving 8-12 people. January’s box had a theme of Navajo Cuisine. This is what I made with some of the spices they sent.  I’m not a professional chef by any means but cooking makes me happy and I love trying new things in the kitchen.
I’m going to apologize for the bad quality of the pictures in advance. I need better lighting in my kitchen!. I’ll hopefully have better shots of my February Adventure to the Punjab making Chicken Tikka Masala.  You can see my unboxing of my January RawSpiceBar Here.

Box: Raw Spice Bar
Cost: $6 / month
Shipping: FREE in US and Canada
What you get: each month you receive 3 or 4 different spice blends and some information and recipes on how to use them.

Dish One:
Navajo Chicken Posole

The first dish I made was the Posole. I used Chickpeas and Corn in place of the Hominy the recipe called for and chose my protein to be chicken I used the thighs for this because honestly that’s what I had on hand. I started off browning my chicken then putting it aside and browning the onions and spices and adding the crushed tomatoes. Simmered this for a while and added the meat back to the pot and let it braise for an hour.

Browning Onions

Browning Onions


Onions and Canned Tomatoes








Then I added my chicken stock, chickpeas and corn and simmered that for another 40 minutes. Then it was ready! I thought the recipe card was straight forward and easy to follow. I really liked the hints and tips RawSpiceBar added to the version of the recipe online. I wish I had looked earlier. I know to do that next time.


Simmering Posole

Posole almost ready !


Chicken posole

Chicken Posole







Thoughts on dish: I really enjoyed this dish. I made a half batch and let me tell you it made a lot. I think i ate this for the next two days almost. It actually tasted better the next day. Thumbs up! I want to try it again with Beef.

Dish Two;

Sumac & Herbs Flatbread

This was another easy to follow recipe. This is how my dry ingredients looked after mixing for a couple of minutes. then I added some water and knead knead knead. I kneaded the dough for a little longer than 5 minutes.  This is how my kneaded dough looked.


Flatbread Dough Dry Ingredients


Flatbread dough

Kneaded Dough








Then of course I forgot to take any pictures of the balls or how I formed them. No rolling pin needed which was a first for me. I think I would make them a little less thick next time, here’s a pic of mine cooking.  Two fit on my 12 inch pan so they were pretty small. The bread itself was good, a little heavy I thought, but I do think the description rawspicebar gave of a cross between a mexican tortilla and an indian naan was accurate.


FlatBread Cooking on the Griddle

My finished Posole and Flatbread


posole and flatbread

Dish Three
Juniper Berries Poached Apples.

I made the Apples a few days later. I had never eaten a poached apple nor made one before this and I can say I am a fan. It’s like apple pie filling without the crust. Which just happens to be the way I eat Apple Pie, well every pie. Filling only please :) I can’t be the only one that does this. I again forgot to take pics of the steps to make these but I have a pic of the finished product, It’s a poor pic sorry. I need to remember to take pics next time. I served the apples with some custard sauce. The apples themselves were like a slightly spicier apple pie. It was very good.


Poached Apples with Custard Sauce

Overall I really enjoyed all the recipes from January’s Box. and February’s ingredients for Chicken Tikka Masala are on my shopping list so hopefully I’ll get to that one soon. I really enjoy this subscription and I am looking forward to see what March Brings.



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