Foodiepages Tasting Box February 2015

FoodiePages – The Tasting Box – February 2015 Review & Coupon

Foodiepages is a great website that has so many unique products made by Canadian small-scale local and regional producers. If you are a foodie or have a foodie in your life you definitely need to check them out. There are some DIY Cheese kits on their site that I’m fancying right now. I really can’t decide which one to try first! Cream Cheese, Feta or Mozzarella. Decisions Decisions.

Box: FoodiePages The Tasting Box
Cost: $14.95 plus Shipping and Taxes
What you get:The TASTING BOX includes 5 taste samples made by the Foodiepages favourite Canadian small batch food artisans

If you sign up for an account with foodiepages using my referral link you will get a $10 coupon to use for your first purchase!

My Tasting Box shipped out on Feb. 9th 2015, and was in my hands on Feb 11th.

Foodiepages Tasting Guide

Foodiepages February 2015 Tasting Guide

Flavoured Maple Syrup – Really Horrible Enterprises

Really Horrible Enterprises Maple Syrup

Really Horrible Enterprises Flavoured Maple Syrup

The tasting guide has this listed as flavoured maple syrup with Vanilla plus either rum or brandy I’m not sure which one was used in this sample. This was so beyond delicious! I made pancakes one Sunday just to try this out and we all loved it. I definitely need more of this in my life. This was my favourite Item in the box.

Red Lemon Kombucha – Pyramid Ferments

Red Lemon Kombucha

Red Lemon Kombucha

I’ve never tried Kombucha before I googled what it as supposed to taste like before trying it out. I like to be prepared ! Google told me that it was like vinegar soda so I was scared to drink this but I tried it and it wasn’t horrible. If you like Kombucha I’d imagine that this one would be pretty tasty. It’s just a taste that I haven’t quite aquired yet. If you love kombucha and are so inclined foodiepages also has a Kombucha Tea Starter Kit to make your own Kombucha at home from the same Pyramid Farms & Ferments Company.

Cranberry Maple Butter – Lowertown Canning

Cranberry Maple Butter

Cranberry Maple Butter

One of the suggested serving ideas for this cranberry maple butter was on yogurt in the morning and that’s how I had it. Just plain greek yogurt and a couple of spoons of this on top. My toddler pretty much ate it all! It was yummy, the cranberries are tart but gets balanced out with the maple syrup and honey that’s added and there’s a hint of cinnamon in there too. To quote my 19 month old ‘More Please!’

Hibiscus Black Tea – Nature’s Palate

Primal Tea Hibiscus Black Tea

Primal Tea Hibiscus Black Tea

The ingredient list on this is short and sweet Black Tea, Hibiscus and Rose Petals. It has no Sugar, and no calories either. It tasted like flowers and considering the ingredients that’s a good thing! I usually get a bitter aftertaste when I drink Ice Tea but this one was nice and clean. Any Tea drinkers out there ? I’d definitely suggest to give this one a try.

Indian Spice Seasoning Red Chillies – Bombay Shake

Bombay Shake Spice Seasoning - Red Chilles

Bombay Shake Spice Seasoning – Red Chilles

This spice mix from Bombay Shake suggests to sprinkle this on pizza and I can imagine that would be tasty. I seasoned some potatoes with this and then roasted them in the oven. I love roasted potatoes on any given day but these spices just kicked them up a notch.

This was my second Tasting box and I really enjoyed 4 out of 5 items. I can say I would definitely repurchase 3 of the items I tried. It’s very likely that I wouldn’t have even heard of most of these if I hadn’t given The Tasting box a try. The March Tasting box goes on Sale March 3rd at Noon EST.  Foodiepages always post what’s in the box a few days before sale date and March contents are up now. See Below for a list of what’s in the March Box! Looks like a good one.

Here’s what you’ll find in the March Tasting Box:

* Green Olive and Twist (2 oz.) from Three Sisters’ Kitchen (Toronto ON). Tantalize your palate with this unique combo of green pitted olives, caramelized lemon peels, garlic and olive oil. 

* Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove Infused Maple Syrup (50ml) from PURE (Aylesford NS). A truly delicious combination of flavours. Try it in your baking, hot cider and tea, and sweet & savoury North African and Middle Eastern dishes.

* Organic Hazelnut Oil (60ml) from Saltspring Sunrise (Saltspring Island BC). This super fragrant oil is expeller cold pressed without further refinement. Use as a salad dressing or a finishing oil on rice, quinoa, pasta, roasted vegetables, fish, and chicken.

* Ginger Molasses Cookie Mix (550g) from Brule Creek Farms (Kakabeka Falls ON). Enjoy the convenience of a mix while using an additive free, stone-milled flour. Moist and chewy, these cookies are sure to become a family favourite.

* GG Bites (150g) from Grain-Free JK Gourmet (Toronto ON). These tasty, crunchy morsels of seeds, nuts, honey and organic coconut nectar make for a perfect snack. Free from gluten, grain, and dairy. Paleo friendly and non-GMO.

Have you tried the Foodiepages Tasting Box? How did you like it?


Disclosure: This post may contain referral or affiliate links. No payment was received for this review and all opinions are my own.


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  1. Todd Chambers

    Thanks for the kind words about my flavoured maple syrup! What you got in your box was the last of my samples of the barrel-aged maple syrup. As you said, they had mentioned that the tasting box would have one of 2 flavours, either rum/vanilla or brandy/vanilla. We had all forgotten about the barrel-aged samples as well.

    This one has turned out to be the most popular of the 3. That slight smokiness really comes through and gives it that olde-timey flavour like it was made over the open fire out in the woods.

    1. Author
      The Happy Mail Mom

      Thanks for letting me know! It seriously was the best maple syrup I’ve ever had.

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