Social Nature – Orange Naturals ND Shake for Women

Social Nature is a website that allows you to try natural products for Free in exchange for reviewing the product you get to try.
When you sign up you fill in your profile. They’ll ask you general questions like name, age, interests, how often you buy natural/organic products, etc.

Then they have a list of products that are available to try and you go and click Want It if it interests you. Products range from vitamin supplements to skin care to food items.

Social Nature Products

Social Nature Products

You’ll receive an email invitation once the campaign becomes active if you are selected to try the product.
This is my first item I’ve received from Social Nature and it’s Orange Naturals ND Shake for Women in Vanilla Flavour.

Orange Naturals ND Shake for Women

Orange Naturals ND Shake for Women

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Orange Naturals – ND Shake for Women
Flavour: Vanilla

Honestly speaking I always have trouble drinking protein shakes. I don’t know why but I just can’t get them down the texture and the chalky taste usually makes me feel nauseous. I originally tried this mixed with just plain water and the recommended 2 scoops of powder and it was too strong for me. I couldn’t drink it that way.
I read a suggestion of putting the ND shake powder in a smoothy mixed with fruit.  it made a huge difference and that’s the way I have been drinking it tastes delicious. So far I’ve used it for a week and I really like it, I feel a tad more energized.

My smoothy recipe:Of course you can use the fruits that you like. I don’t measure the amount of fruits or anything I just throw in a few pieces of each in my blender.
Frozen Pineapple
Frozen Blackberries
Frozen Strawberries
1/2 cup milk / water or juice you can add more depending on
the consistency you like. (I like my smoothies fairly thick)
1 scoop of ND Shake Powder  (I use just 1 scoop but you
could add 2 if you prefer.)
Blend until all the fruit is mixed and no whole pieces are left.

I appreciate that this ND Shake is especially made for Women, the taste and texture are smooth, If you are like me and have trouble drinking powdered shakes, I would definitely suggest putting it in a smoothy it really makes a difference.

If you’d like to check out Social Nature and get to try out some natural products yourself you can check them out here. is having a promotion for ND Shakes.
Use Promo Code: familyshakes
Offer valid until March 31, 2015

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