Raw Spice Bar Inaugural Box

Raw Spice Bar – January 2015 Unboxing Review – NEW Subscription Box

Raw spice bar is a new subscription that sends you small batch spices every month.
They also send you recipe cards along with the spices, each blend provided is enough for a dish serving 8-12 people. January was RawSpiceBar‘s Inaugural Box

I’ve been looking forward to receiving my first Raw Spice Bar package ever since I first heard about it way back in November, what first caught my eye was the price tag of this subscription. $6 a month to infuse some excitement in your kitchen each month is such a reasonable price, and imho so worth it. I signed up for a year right away.

I emailed Customer Service at the beginning of January and found out that they were shipping out the first boxes on or around January 9th. my package arrived on January 26th.

Subscription Box: Raw Spice Bar
Cost: $6 / month
Shipping: FREE in US and Canada
What you get: each month you receive 3 different spice blends and some information and recipes on how to use them.

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This months theme was Native American- Navajo Cuisine. It came with 4 packages of spices and instructions on how to cook the meal for 8-12. There is only 3 people in my household and one of them is a toddler, so I plan to adjust the recipes to serve 2. I’m hoping to make these recipes 3 or 4 times with the spices provided.


RawSpiceBar Navajo Cuisine

RawSpiceBar Navajo Cuisine

The package came with 4 spice packets for use in 3 dishes. The spices in the January 2015 box were.

Toasted and freshly ground red chiles including New Mexico, Ancho, Guajillo & Arbol create a medium hot powder that is complex, smoky and slightly fruity, with a touch of heat that mellows out while cooking.

Toasted cumin and coriander plus freshly ground Mexican oregano
umin and Coriander are spices that I’m familiar with but the Mexican oregano should add a fresh new twist.

A New Mexican herb blend of rosemary, Mexican sage, Mexican oregano, thyme and fennel plus black peppercorns, garlic, cinnamon and sumac
I don’t know what Sumac is but I’m definitely excited to try this.

juniper berries. star anise, cloves, allspice, cinnamon and orange zest.
Juniper Berries is another new ingredient for me I’ve never heard of them before seeing this spice packet.

RawSpiceBar Spice Packets

RawSpiceBar Spice Packets


Along with the spices we received 3 Recipe Cards. each recipe serves between 8-12 people.
New Mexican Posole
Spice Blends used: RawSpiceBar’s Ground Chiles & Posole Spices

This dish requires something called hominy, which are large kernels of puffed white corn. I plan to substitute the hominy with Chick Peas and a little frozen Corn.

Navajo Flatbreads With SumacSpice Blends: Sumac & Herbs

Navajo Flatbread as described by Raw Spice Bar is a hybrid of Mexican tortillas and Indian naan. I am so excited to try this recipe.

 Poached Apples With Juniper Berries

Spice Blends: Raw SpiceBar’s Juniper Berries & Spices

I’ve never poached an apple and I’ve never tasted juniper berries before this one will be all new for me.
RawSpiceBar Recipe Cards

RawSpiceBar Recipe Cards

Navajo cuisine is something totally new for me, I am looking forward to trying these new flavours and I am so excited to see next months spices.  You can check out all the recipes and spice blends in Raw Spice Bars January Box post. I 100% recommend this subscription box if you love trying new food and recipes.
I’m planning on making these dishes in the next few days, after I do a grocery run to pick up some ingredients. I’ll make another post with some pics of my attempts.

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